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Table 5 Functional categories (GO) significantly biased in AFE-containing clusters in Arabidopsis

From: Systematic analysis of alternative first exons in plant genomes

  GO category AFE containing cluster P-value*
Enriched** cellular physiological process 327 0
  metabolism 297 0
  nucleotide binding 65 0
  catalytic activity 27 1.52E-10
  transferase activity 104 1.35E-09
  ligase activity 25 1.73E-08
  hydrolase activity 89 1.20E-07
  ubiquitin ligase complex 13 1.24E-07
  intracellular part 259 1.94E-07
  intracellular 265 2.42E-07
  cell part 368 7.82E-06
  membrane part 37 4.80E-05
  nucleic acid binding 91 0.000128
  lyase activity 18 0.000265
  localization 51 0.000476
Depleted triplet codon-amino acid adaptor activity 0 5.61E-06
  1. * P-value was calculated by the hypergeometric distribution. The cutoff is 1E-5.
  2. ** "Enriched" categories refer to those containing significantly more genes (observed) than expected. "Depleted" categories refer to those containing significantly less genes (observed) than expected.