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Table 5 Editing sites in Cuscuta reflexa and Cuscuta gronovii

From: Complete DNA sequences of the plastid genomes of two parasitic flowering plant species, Cuscuta reflexa and Cuscuta gronovii

    C. reflexa C. gronovii
gene pos. cons. codon   codon  
accD 258/173 L tCg S > L tta L
atpF 31 L cCa P > L ctt L
petB 140 W Cgg R > W tgg W
  204 L cCa P > L cta L
petL 2 L ctt L cct P
psbE 72 S Cct P > S cct P
psbL 1 M aCg T > M aCg T > M
rpl20 103 L tca S tca S
rpoB 113 L tCt S > F* not encoded
  158 L tCa S > L*   
  184 L tCa S > L*   
  189 L tCg S > L   
  667 F tCt S > F   
rpoC1 21 L tCg S > L*   
rps2 45 I aCa T > I aCa T > I *
  83 L tca S gca A
rps14 27 L tCa S > L tCa S > L*
  50 L tCa S > L tCa S > L
  1. 'pos.': amino acid position within the gene; 'cons.': conserved amino acid at this position; upper-case 'C' indicates the editing site; bold indicates that the ratio of edited vs. unedited transcripts depends on photosynthetic activity.