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Table 4 Appearance of introns in the three parasitic plants Cuscuta reflexa, Cuscuta gronovii and Epifagus virginiana

From: Complete DNA sequences of the plastid genomes of two parasitic flowering plant species, Cuscuta reflexa and Cuscuta gronovii

  Gene (Nt) C. reflexa C. gronovii E. virginiana
group l:     
  trnL-uaa intron intron -
group ll:     
A1 rps12 (intron 2) intron no intron intron
  trnI-gau intron ψ ψ
  trnA-ugc intron ψ ψ
  trnV-uac intron - -
  trnK-uuu - - -
  clpP (intron 2) intron intron intron
A2 atpF intron no intron -
  rpl2 no intron no intron intron
B1 petB intron intron -
  petD intron intron -
  rps16 - - -
  rpoC1 intron - -
  ycf3 (intron 2) intron no intron -
  clpP (intron 1) intron intron intron
B2 rps12 (intron1 trans) intron intron intron
  rpl16 intron intron intron
  ndhB ψ - ψ
  ndhA - - -
  ycf3 (intron 1) intron no intron -
  trnG-ucc intron ψ -
  1. All intron containing genes in N. tabacum (Nt) are listed. 'intron': intron containing gene; 'no intron': gene without intron; 'Ψ ' indicates pseudogenes; '-': gene not present in the particular plastid chromosome a