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Table 3 Codon usages for codons for which the tRNAs are not encoded on the plastid genome of Cuscuta reflexa and Cuscuta gronovii compared to Nicotiana tabacum

From: Complete DNA sequences of the plastid genomes of two parasitic flowering plant species, Cuscuta reflexa and Cuscuta gronovii

Codon (amino acid) Nt Cr Cg
GCT (Ala) 44,52% 43,36% 40,43%
GGT (Gly) 34,42% 30,50% 34,38%
ATC (Ile) 19,72% 17,66% 18,10%
AAA (Lys) 77,81% 79,21% 79,15%
CGT (Arg) 24,95% 20,87% 22,67%
GTA (Val) 38,68% 35,87% 31,07%
  1. Bold italic numbers indicate that the tRNA is missing on the ptDNA in the corresponding species. Nt: Nicotiana tabacum; Cr: Cuscuta reflexa; Cg: Cuscuta gronovii