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Table 5 Comparison of nucleotide diversity in different gene classes for the 20 LTS genotypes

From: Nucleotide diversity and linkage disequilibrium in 11 expressed resistance candidate genes in Lolium perenne

Genesa SNP θb πc Dd
N-L 925 0.0464 0.0427 -0.2998
R 170 0.0089 0.0062 1.5486
All genes 1095 0.0306 0.0314 0.0203
  1. a NBS, R, and All genes means the merged sequence of NBS-LRR genes, non-NBS-LRR genes, and all the 11 genes, respectively, when calculation.
  2. b θ Watterson's estimator;c π nucleotide diversity per site;d D Tajimas's D