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Table 1 Effect of sucrose on survival of wild-type and sco mutants. On 0.5-strength MS media supplemented with 2% sucrose, wild-type, sco1-1, and sco1-4 seedlings have comparable survival rates. In the absence of sucrose, less than 20% of the sco1-1 seedlings were able to produce true leaves and survive into adulthood, and no sco1-4 seedlings survived. Typically, the sco1-1 mutant seedlings that survived to adulthood in the absence of a supplemental carbon source were ones that had larger patches of green cells in their cotyledons and hypocotyls

From: Mutations in a plastid-localized elongation factor G alter early stages of plastid development in Arabidopsis thaliana

Genotype + Sucrose - Sucrose
Col-0 95/98 = 97% 84/94 = 89%
sco1-1 84/92 = 91% 17/89 = 19%
sco1-4 25/26 = 96% 0/21 = 0%