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Table 1 Plant material used for cDNA library construction in Lolium perenne, and number of reads from each cDNA library.

From: Frequency, type, and distribution of EST-SSRs from three genotypes of Lolium perenne, and their conservation across orthologous sequences of Festuca arundinacea, Brachypodium distachyon, and Oryza sativa

cDNA library name Plant material Genotype Number of reads Number of Phred ≥ 20 reads
rg1 Ethiolated leaves NV#20F1-30 4,242 3,857
rg2 Leaves from nitrogen depleted plants NV#20F1-39 346 322
rg3 Leaves from cold stressed plants NV#20F1-39 4,069 3,546
rg4 Meristem NV#20F1-39 325 307
rg5 Stem NV#20F1-30 1,529 1,474
rg6 Leaves from drought stressed plants NV#20F1-30 4,014 3,667
rg7 Senescing leaves NV#20F1-30 330 303
r Root F6 7,004 6,870
p Pollen F6 425 335
ve Vegetative shoot F6 2,999 2,842
vr Vernalized shoot F6 490 423
sa/sb Seedling F6 2,805 2,435
gsa/gsb Germinating seeds F6 2,801 2,519