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Figure 8

From: EDR2 negatively regulates salicylic acid-based defenses and cell death during powdery mildew infections of Arabidopsis thaliana

Figure 8

EDR2 localizes to multiple subcellular compartments. (A) EDR2:HA:eGFP construct, CH2. Note, the eGFP sequence included the sequence for 10 Ala at the N-terminus (pink block). (B) EDR2:HA:GFP (labeled CH2) restores the edr2-6 mutant to disease susceptibility and suppresses the chlorosis and necrosis phenotype. For each genotype, two leaves from 3-week-old plants are shown at 7 dpi with G. cichoracearum. (C) EDR2:HA:eGFP was localized mainly to the endoplasmic reticulum as shown by the fluorescently-labeled reticulate net-like structure. EDR2:HA:eGFP also localized to the plasma membrane (arrows) and to endosomes (arrowheads). The upper two panels are from cotyledons of 7-day-old seedlings. Young, recently divided cells (asterisk) exhibited reduced EDR2:HA:eGFP fluorescence compared to more mature cells, including stomatal guard cells. The lower two panels are from leaves from 7-week old plants. St, stomata. Bars = 13.4 μm. (D) EDR2:HA:eGFP and the MitoTracker dye stain different sub-cellular structures. Merged image of the MitoTracker image (red) and the EDR2:HA:eGFP image (green). Thick arrows point to small bodies, mitochondria, stained with the MitoTracker dye and thin arrows point to endosomes tagged with EDR2:HA:eGFP. EDR2:HA:eGFP also localizes to the plasma membrane. Bars = 13.4 μm.

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