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Figure 5

From: EDR2 negatively regulates salicylic acid-based defenses and cell death during powdery mildew infections of Arabidopsis thaliana

Figure 5

The expression of PR1 is enhanced in edr2-6. (A) Northern blot showing PR1 expression at various times (in days) following inoculation of Col-0 or edr2-6 with G. cichoracearum. (B) PR1 expression in Col-0 and edr2-6 at 2 days following treatment with water (-), 0.3 mM BTH or 0.5 mM SA. (C) PR1 expression in Col-0 and edr2-6 at 48 hpi with 0, 102 or 108 cfu per ml of P. syringae pv tomato DC3000.

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