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Figure 1

From: Identification of genic moss SSR markers and a comparative analysis of twenty-four algal and plant gene indices reveal species-specific rather than group-specific characteristics of microsatellites

Figure 1

PCR amplification patterns of EST-derived microsatellites of Physcomitrella patens in two accessions. Exemplary SSR marker A – L were amplified in two Physcomitrella patens accessions, the standard lab strain 'Gransden' (1) and 'Villersexel-K3' (2) originating from England and France, respectively. The SSR marker A shows a double banding. The SSRs A, B, D, F and I reveal no visible size polymorphism between the two accessions. The SSRs C, E and G reveal distinct visible single size polymorphisms between the two accessions. The SSRs J, K and L show possible small size polymorphisms between the two accessions which have to be further confirmed. The SSR marker H shows an unexpected size shift, most likely due to an intron. DNA size markers (M) is a 100 bp ladder (SIGMA-Aldrich).

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