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Table 1 Characteristics of the GS 20 combined run data assemblies

From: Rapid and accurate pyrosequencing of angiosperm plastid genomes

  Nandina Platanus
combined run data length 130503 bp 136335 bp
no. of combined data contigs 8 10
average contig length 16313 bp 13634 bp
size of largest contig 35901 bp 28803 bp
total no. of reads 31019 23743
average read length 103.6 bp 99.8 bp
overall average read depth (incl. one IR) 24.6× 17.3×
overall average read depth (incl. both IRs) 20.5× 14.6×
IR average read depth 24.2× 28.2×
SC average read depth 24.7× 14.9×
proportion of bases ≥ Q40 99.8% 99.4%
no. of gaps 9 11
total gap length 34 bp 390 bp
average gap length 3.8 bp 35.5 bp
no. of zero-length gaps 7 5
size of largest gap 32 bp 170 bp
  1. Characteristics of the GS 20 combined run data assemblies. The overall average read depth is calculated in two ways: by including one copy of the inverted repeat (IR) region (to reflect the fact that the two copies of the IR are indistinguishable during genome sequencing, and are therefore contigged together) and by including both copies of the IR region. SC = single-copy region.