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Figure 1

From: Developmental changes in abundance of the VSPβ protein following nuclear transformation of maize with the Soybean vspβ cDNA

Figure 1

Southern blot analysis of primary (R0) maize transformed with pAHC25 and pRSVP-1. Twenty μgs of EcoRI restricted genomics DNA were electrophoresed through 0.8% agarose and blotted to Hybond membrane. The membranes were probed with either digoxigenin labeled bar (a) or vspB (b). Numbers and lines on sides of blots indicate location of molecular size markers (the number represents size in kilobases). The "a" and "b" sections are aligned so that the same genomic DNA samples are vertically aligned and represented by the same lane label. Plasmid lane is the plasmid containing the either the bar or the vspβ clones used as a positive control. Untransformed controls are lanes containing genomic DNA from untransformed Hi-II maize. Soybean indicates lanes containing restricted soybean genomic DNA. The two panels within each section represent separate blots hybridized with the same probe.

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