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Table 3 Fragaria ESTs with homology to mapped peach BACs

From: Expressed sequence tags (ESTs) and simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers from octoploid strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa)

Strawberry Unigene Peach EST GenBank Accession of Peach EST Homology E-Value from BLAST output
Contig 25 PP_LEa0003M24f BU039764 enolase 2 (allergen HEVb8) 1e-111
Contig 37 PP_LEa0003O13f BU039800 ubiquitin extension protein 6e-33
Contig 64 PP_LEa0003O13f BU039800 ubiquitin extension protein 3e-51
Contig 131 PP_LEa0003M11f BU039753 glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 0.0
FA_SEa0001D01r PP_LEa0009G24f BU041453 ion stress related protein 2e-39
FA_SEa0003G08r PP_LEa0027M15f BU046817 20S proteosome subunit PAF1 1e-166
FA_SEa0006D03r PP_LEa0011D12f BU042012 ribosomal protein L7 2e-34
FA_SEa0007B10r PP_LEa0003O13f BU039800 ubiquitin extension protein 8e-35
FA_SEa0008B09r PP_LEa0012A24f BU042298 expressed protein 1e-78
FA_SEa0008C05r PP_LEa0004I18f BU039998 cysteine protease 1e-81
FA_SEa0009F12r PP_LEa0035B03f BU048314 allergen PRU AV 1 4e-32
FA_SEa0011D12r PP_LEa0003O13f BU039800 ubiquitin extension protein 4e-66
FA_SEa0011E01r PP_LEa0009N05f BU041589 expressed protein 4e-63
FA_SEa0011F03r PP_LEa0011F03f BU042049 Centrin 1e-74
FA_SEa0012D04r PP_LEa0036C16f BU048550 putative gsh-dependent dehydroascorabate reductase 1 1e-144
FA_SEa0015A08r PP_LEa0006B19f BU040484 heat shock protein 70 0.0
FA_SEa0015F10r PP_LEa0003P11f BU039816 cytosolic aldolase 2e-30
FA_SEa0015H12r PP_LEa0013C06f BU042571 cell switch protein e-177
FA_SEa0016A10r PP_LEa0035H24f BU048407 putative ribosomal protein 9e-64
FA_SEa0018A02r PP_LEa0027P18f BU046858 ADP-ribosylation factor 0.0
FA_SEa0018D07r PP_LEa0036E14f BU048583 putative glyoxylase II 3e-47
FA_SEa0018F08r PP_LEa0035M02f BU048454 NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase 2e-61