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Figure 4

From: A systemic gene silencing method suitable for high throughput, reverse genetic analyses of gene function in fern gametophytes

Figure 4

Phenotypes of sporophytes and gametophytes bombarded with various plasmids. (A) Chloroplasts of non-bombarded gametophyte. (B) Chloroplastsof gametophyte ~3 weeks after bombardment with the 35S:irintCrFtsZ plasmid. (C) Hermaphrodite prothallus ~3 weeks after bombardment with 35S:irintCrFtsZ. (D), (E) Gametophyte 7d after bombardment with 35S:irtantiCrUrod before (D) and after (E) staining for GUS activity. The lesion associated with the inactivation of the CrUrod gene is indicated by an arrow.

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