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Table 1 Kinetic constants for 109Cd influx in roots of durum wheat seedlings.

From: Cadmium uptake and translocation in seedlings of near isogenic lines of durum wheat that differ in grain cadmium accumulation

Isoline R2 Km (nM) Vmax (nmol g-1 h-1) a, linear (nmol g-1 h-1 μM-1)
TL-H 0.977 166 (42) 0.87 (0.07) 1.69 (0.18)
TL-L 0.982 227 (66) 0.66 (0.07) 1.59 (0.15)
  1. Intact roots of high (TL-H) and low (TL-L) Cd-accumulating isolines were exposed for 30 min to 15 mL of complete nutrient solution containing 5–1800 nM Cd labelled with 109Cd, followed by a 30 min (2°C) desorption in non-radiolabelled nutrient solution containing 50 μM DTPA. Parameters of the Michaelis-Menton + linear model (Equation 1) were derived from the data presented in Figure 3A. R2 is the coefficient of determination of the regression lines. Numbers in parentheses are the standard errors for the regression coefficient estimates.