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Table 1 Mutations detected by screening EMS-mutagenized maize populations.

From: Discovery of induced point mutations in maize genes by TILLING

Gene 1 Individual Sequence Stock Number
DMT101 3D3 C553T UI20118
  8A8 G464A UI20291
DMT102 3H3 C677T UI20122
  11B3 G878A UI20424
  12B3 G878A UI20459
  15G3 G938A NS2809.1
  19C2 G676A NS3457.3
  21G2 A637W NS3471.92
DMT103 4A9 G116A UI20152
  14E9 G514A NS2806.7
  16G9 G519A NS2810.4
  21G2 G120K NS3471.92
  21G2 A148G NS3471.92
  21G2 G789A NS3471.92
DMT106 15E2 C697T NS2808.6
HAC110 16B7 G471A NS2809.12
HDA105 4A3 G343A UI20152
  9F2 C571T UI20333
  13H2 G271A NS2804.1
  22A9 G417A NS3478.7
  1. 1No mutations were detected in 1 kb fragments of five other genes screened: DMT105, SDG104, SDG105, SDG124 and SDG125. 2Multiple non-G/C-to-A/T mutations discovered in NS3471.9 indicate that it derives from contaminating pollen. See text for details.