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Figure 7 | BMC Plant Biology

Figure 7

From: Over-expression of Arabidopsis AtCHR23 chromatin remodeling ATPase results in increased variability of growth and gene expression

Figure 7

Scatter plots of gene expression expressed as log 2 (FPKM + 1) show more pronounced variability in long-day grown over-expressing mutant. Expression was determined from RNAseq reads for the wild-type (Columbia) and mutant (AtCHR23-4ov), with biological replicates indicated with R. Each dot represents a gene. Genes displaying a variability of expression above the cut-off specified (see text) are shown in red. In the bottom of each graph the pair-wise Pearson’s correlation of all genes depicted is shown. LD, long-day; SD short-day; R1, biological replicate 1; R2, biological replicate 2.

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