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Table 2 Relative abundance of repetitive elements found within long structural variants in ‘Sultanina’ genome

From: Whole genome comparison between table and wine grapes reveals a comprehensive catalog of structural variants

Repeat elements Heterozygous (%) Homozygous (%)
Gypsy 58.2 39.9
Copia 23.8 28.7
VLINE 3.8 9.5
ATrich 4.1 7.8
MUDR 2.9 3.9
Total 92.7 89.9
  1. Classified repetitive elements were annotated within structural variants and the five most abundant are shown. These repetitive elements account for around 90% or more of the total elements. Among the heterozygous and homozygous groups the retrotransposable elements are the more abundant ones. The percentage was estimated as described in Additional file 13: Figure S5 and Methods.