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Table 1 Overall assembly statistics and mRNA recovery

From: Whole genome comparison between table and wine grapes reveals a comprehensive catalog of structural variants

  Assembly features
Number of contigs 63,028
Contig N50kb 14.8
Contig sizeMb 413.1
Number of scaffolds 17,951
Scaffold N50kb 78.0
Scaffold sizeMb 466.7
mRNA recovery (%) 82.01
  1. The N50 of contigs and scaffolds was calculated by ordering all sequences, then adding the lengths from longest to shortest until the added length exceeded 50% of the total length of all sequences. The mRNA recovery was defined as the number of mRNA of the reference genome contained in a single scaffold with at least 70% of coverage and 95% of identity. The average identity was 99.1% with a standard deviation of 1.6%.