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Figure 6

From: Genomic rearrangements and signatures of breeding in the allo-octoploid strawberry as revealed through an allele dose based SSR linkage map

Figure 6

Comparative mapping octoploid vs diploid. A: An overview of comparative mapping between the physical reference genome, a representative octoploid homoeologue, and the diploid Fv xFb map [51]. Coloured bar segments represent scaffolds. B: A more detailed figure of LG2 including marker names and genetic positions. The ruler represents the position in cM for genetic maps, and the position in mega-bases for the physical map. The latter are multiplied by three in order to better fit the scale of the genetic maps. Blue font indicates a marker for which only 1 primer hit, but with 100% identity. Red font indicates a marker for which only 1 primer hit and the identity was not 100%. The lines for order comparison were drawn from locus name to position instead of position to position in order to facilitate traceability of locus names. The details of other LGs are presented in Additional file 3: Figure S2.

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