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Figure 3

From: Genomic rearrangements and signatures of breeding in the allo-octoploid strawberry as revealed through an allele dose based SSR linkage map

Figure 3

Linkage maps demonstrating the inversion of LG2D. On the left, LG2A of the octoploid Holiday x Korona is represented as a reference, and next to it is the LG2D of Holiday x Korona containing the putative inversion. To the right of LG2D is the diploid Fv x Fb map [51] On the far right, LG2B of the Hapil parent from Sargent et al. [17] is shown. The filled chromosome segments indicate the regions of interest. The segments with the same colour have the same orientation. The lines were drawn from locus name to the position instead of from position to position to facilitate the traceability of locus names.

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