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Table 1 Expression of oxidative marker genes in the space-grown Mizuna

From: Genome-wide expression analysis of reactive oxygen species gene network in Mizuna plants grown in long-term spaceflight

Gene name AGI code B. rapagene Fold change
Trypsin inhibitor, putative At2g43510 Bra004768 34
   Bra037705 1.8
   Bra014534 0.01
Disease resistance protein putative At1g57630 ND  
Expressed protein At1g19020 Bra031061 41
   Bra025707 19
Expressed protein At1g05340 Bra015419 43
Expressed protein At2g21640 Bra031207 13
Embryo-abundant protein-related At2g41380 Bra016937 12
DNAJ heat shock At3g08970 Bra029736 2.2
   Bra036657 0.47
Glutathione S-transferase, putative At2g29490 ND  
WRKY family transcription factor At1g62300 Bra027057 5.8
   Bra034482 1.1
Glutathione S-transferase, putative At2g29470 Bra039983 6.1
tolB protein-related At4g01870 Bra000913 1.8
Embryo-abundant protein-related At4g22530 Bra013623 2.1
Glutathione S-transferase, putative At1g17170 Bra025995 11
Armadillo/beta-catenin repeat family protein At3g09350 Bra029761 7.3
   Bra001314 1.4
UDP-glucosyl transferase family protein At2g43820 Bra000330 11
   Bra000329 1.1
   Bra004787 0.68
UDP-glucosyl transferase family protein At3g11340 ND  
Cell division cycle protein 48, putative At3g53230 Bra006978 7.6
   Bra003123 2.5
FAD-binding domain-containing protein At1g26420 Bra024717 6.0
UDP-glucosyl transferase family protein At1g22400 Bra012324 4.1
   Bra012323 3.7
Embryo-abundant protein-related At3g54150 Bra007051 22.0
   Bra014837 1.1
Expressed protein At1g13340 Bra016733 11
   Bra019826 1.4
Mannitol dehydrogenase, putative (ELI3-2) At4g37990 Bra010627 9.9
WRKY family transcription factor At5g13080 Bra008858 15
   Bra006178 9.5
FAD-binding domain-containing protein At1g26380 ND  
Cytochrome P450 71B15, putative At3g26830 ND  
Cytochrome P450, putative At4g37370 Bra017819 8.8
bHLH transcription factor At1g10585 Bra031721 6.3
Expressed protein At4g39670 Bra004321 43.5
   Bra010670 1.4
Zinc finger (AN1-like) family protein At3g28210 Bra025324 38
Glutathione S-transferase, putative At2g29460 Bra039982 1.8
   Bra018385 1.4
Expressed protein 265674_at ND  
2-oxoacid-dependent oxidase, At3g49620 Bra017969 0.18
  1. Transcripts representing ROS-induced genes in at leaset six out of eight stress experiments in Arabidopsis reported by Gadjev et al. [17] are listed. Fold change values of the space-grown Mizuna genes associated with the listed Arabidopsis genes are shown. ND, not detected.