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Table 1 List of plant materials used in this study

From: Polyploidy and the petal transcriptome of Gossypium

Species name Genome designation Accession Ploidy level Location Raw reads Trimmed reads
G. arboreum A2 AKA8401 Diploid Africa 46,155,539 42,047,506
G. raimondii D5 GN33 Diploid South America 43,715,468 39,974,015
G. hirsutum AD1 Maxxa Tetraploid Mexico 42,719,425 36,756,492
G. hirsutum AD1 T×2094 Tetraploid Yucatan Peninsula 47,212,060 43,247,980
G. tomentosum AD3 WT936 Tetraploid Hawaii 41,893,620 38,350,345
G. arboreum X G. raimondii A2 x D5 Unnamed F1-haploid NA 43,247,980 40,655,468