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Figure 1

From: Ectoparasitic growth of Magnaporthe on barley triggers expression of the putative barley wax biosynthesis gene CYP96B22 which is involved in penetration resistance

Figure 1

Phylogenetic tree of selected rice CYP sequences and CYP96B22. Protein sequences from rice CYP members were obtained from the Cytochrome P450 homepage [19] and used as a query for a homology search of the barley CYP sequence designated CYP96B22. The phylogenetic analysis was performed on the platform [58] using the maximum likelihood method implemented in PhyML. The scale bar indicates 1.0 substitution per site, branch support values are given in percent. To simplify the tree view only members of the rice CYP96 family and selected representatives of the other families in the CYP86 clan and additional CYP clans are shown.

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