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Table 2 List of taxa, GenBank accession numbers, and references for the previously published sequences used in this study

From: Triparental origin of triploid onion, Allium × cornutum (Clementi ex Visiani, 1842), as evidenced by molecular, phylogenetic and cytogenetic analyses

  GenBank accession number (reference)
  ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 NTS-5S
Allium pskemense AM418380 (Gurushidze et al. 2007) [22] JF496621 (Son et al. 2012) [28]
AM418382 (Gurushidze et al. 2007) JF496622 (Son et al. 2012)
AJ411907 (Friesen et al. 2006) [23]   
Alllium roylei AJ411945 (Friesen et al. 2006) KC731587 This study
AM492189 (Gurushidze et al. 2007) KC731590 This study
Allium cepa FJ664287 (Hirschegger et al. 2010) [24] AB056584 (Shibata and Hizume 2002) [29]
AM418367 (Gurushidze et al. 2007) AB056593 (Shibata and Hizume 2002)
AM418370 (Gurushidze et al. 2007)   
Allium vavilovii AM418383 (Gurushidze et al. 2007) JF496618 (Son et al. 2012)
   JF496619 (Son et al. 2012)
JF496620 (Son et al. 2012)
Allium cepa var. aggregatum    JF496648 (Son et al. 2012)
Allium oschaninii AM418376 (Gurushidze et al. 2007)   
Allium praemixtum AM418379 (Gurushidze et al. 2007)   
Allium farctum AM492184 (Gurushidze et al. 2007)   
Allium asarense AM418365 (Gurushidze et al. 2007)   
Allium altaicum GQ412198 GQ181094 (Jang et al. unpublished) (Li et al. 2010) [25] JF496602 (Son et al. 2012)
Allium fistulosum JF990845 (Guenaoui et al. 2013) [26] JF496610 (Son et al. 2012)
Allium x cepiforme GU566611 (Li et al. 2010)   
Allium galanthum GQ181101 (Li et al. 2010)   
Allium x proliferum    JF496645 (Son et al. 2012)
Allium schoenoprasum AY427547 (Ricroch et .al. 2005) [27] AB066483 (Shibata and Hizume 2002)
GQ412234 Jang et al. unpublished AB066482 (Shibata and Hizume 2002)
   AB066474 (Shibata and Hizume 2002)
Allium maximowiczii GQ412215 Jang et al. unpublished   
Allium deltoidefistulosum GQ412203 Jang et al. unpublished   
Allium linearifolium GQ412206 Jang et al. unpublished   
Allium thunbergii GQ412255 Jang et al. unpublished   
Allium condensatum GQ412201 Jang et al. unpublished   
  1. The exceptions are the sequences for the NTS-5S genes of A. roylei, which were obtained in the present study.