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Table 1 Variation in RNA-seq data between and within plants, quantified as biological coefficient of variation (BCV)

From: The temporal foliar transcriptome of the perennial C3 desert plant Rhazya stricta in its natural environment

Factor BCV
A1-8 0.17
EQ1-8 0.2
F1-8 0.22
G1-8 0.14
H1-8 0.16
L1-8 0.21
All 0.19
Midday 0.34
Nested 0.29
  1. Factors; A1-8, EQ1-8, F1-8, G1-8, H1-8, L1-8 shows BCV within plants when leaf type is taken as a factor. “All” is the same, but all plants and leaf types are considered as factors. For “Midday” this includes only midday samples (as defined in Methods) and uses leaf type as a factor. For “Nested”, all factors except plant, but leaf type is nested within time.