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Table 5 Comparison of the high affinity nitrate transporter from the BBF subtraction with the class 2 high affinity nitrate transporter family from Arabidopsis a

From: Genes responding to water deficit in apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.) roots

Arabidopsisgene ID Tot scoreb Coveragec E valued Maximum identitye
NRT2.1 893 100% 0 80%
NRT2.2 817 96% 0 76%
NRT2.3 792 99% 0 73%
NRT2.4 904 100% 0 81%
NRT2.5 611 91% 2e-179 61%
NRT2.6 790 99% 0 73%
NRT2.7 441 80% 4e-128 50%
  1. aThere was no significant similarity between the BBF sequence and the Arabidopsis class 1 or class 3 genes.
  2. bThe total score of an alignment is calculated as the sum of substitution and gap scores.
  3. cThe percentage of query residues that align with the subject residues.
  4. dThe Expect value represents the number of different alignments that is expected to occur in a database search by chance. Value of 0 means the expect value was less than e-179.
  5. eThe extent to which two amino acid sequences have the same residues at the same positions in an alignment.