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Table 3 Sequences downregulated after a week of recovery from simulated drought (T2E driver vs T1E tester) 1

From: Genes responding to water deficit in apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.) roots

SSH ID Gene description SSH ID Gene description
Contig5BBF Protease inhibitor-like F05BBF Programmed cell death protein
E03/E12/F08/G05/H08BBF Metallothionein2 F10BBF Histone H2B
E05BBF High affinity nitrate transporter G01/H09BBF Mal d 1
E07BBF Major latex protein G09BBF High molec weight HSP4
E08BBF Isoflavone reductase H01BBF Copper chaperone
E10BBF Putative PIP2-5 homolog3   
E11BBF DNA binding protein-like E06BBF SAT5
  1. 1There were six unidentified and one hypothetical genes from this subtraction.
  2. 2F08BBF is related to Arabidopsis MT2B; G05BBF is related to MT2A; the remaining three ESTs could represent as many as three different metallothioneine family members.
  3. 3See note 3 Table 1.
  4. 4Probable HSP70 family member.