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Table 1 Sequences up-regulated after two weeks of simulated drought (T1E tester vs T1C driver) 1

From: Genes responding to water deficit in apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.) roots

SSH ID Gene description SSH ID Gene description
Contig1AAF Major latex protein C01AAF Ω-hydroxypalmitate-O-feruloyl
Contig8AAF Major latex protein   transferase-like
A09AAF Major latex protein   
Contigs2/3AAF Metallothioneine2 C05AAF 60S ribosomal protein L38
A11AAF Metallothioneine fragment   
D09AAF Metallothioneine   
Contig 4AAF Putative PIP2-5 homolog3 C08AAF Phospholipase C3-like
Contig5AAF Reticulon B2-like C09AAF Mitochondrial import receptor
A06AAF ATP citrate synthase C10AAF SAUR family protein
A10AAF Adenosylhomocysteinase D05AAF NPR1
A12AAF Actin D11AAF Cyclophilin
B02AAF Mal d 14 D12AAF Leucine zipper homeobox
B03AAF Bypass 1   
  1. 1There were 8 unidentified or hypothetical genes in the AAF subtraction.
  2. 2Contig2_AAF is most closely related to Arabidopsis MT2B and Contig3_AAF is most closely related to MT2A.
  3. 3Plasma Membrane Intrinsic Protein. Nearly identical to the PIP2 in the BBF subtraction.
  4. 4This clone is identical to the mal d 1l translated product [61].