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Table 1 Natural variation in symbiosis specificity in M. truncatula *

From: Identification of a dominant gene in Medicago truncatula that restricts nodulation by Sinorhizobium meliloti strain Rm41

Plant genotypes Rhizobial strains Plant genotypes Rhizobial strains
NGR247 NGR34 Rm41 NGR247 NGR34 Rm41
A17 Fix- Fix+ Fix- ESP165-D Fix- Fix+ Fix-
A20 Fix+ Fix- Fix+ F11.005-E Fix+ Fix- Fix+
Borung Fix- Fix- Fix+ F11.013-3 Fix+ Fix- Fix+
Caliph-A Fix+ Fix- Fix+ F20047-A Fix+ Fix- Fix+
Cyprus-C Fix+ Fix+ Fix+ F20061-A Fix+ Fix- Fix+
DZA055-H Fix- Fix- Fix+ F20089-B Fix+ Fix- Fix+
DZA105-1 Fix+ Fix+ Fix+ F34.042-D Fix- Fix- Fix+
DZA220 Fix+ Fix+ Fix+ F83005.5 Fix- Fix- Nod-
DZA222 Fix- Fix+ Fix+ GRC020B Fix+ Fix+ Fix+
DZA233-4 Fix+ Fix- Fix+ GRC043-1 Fix- Fix+ Fix+
DZA315-16 Fix- Fix+ Fix+ GRC064-B Fix+ Fix- Fix+
DZA327-7 Fix+ Fix+ Fix+ Harbinger Fix+ Fix+ Fix+
DZA045.5 Fix- Fix- Fix+ Paraggio Fix+ Fix- Fix+
ESP105-L Fix- Fix+ Fix- Sephi-A Fix- Fix- Fix+
ESP158-A Fix- Fix+ Fix- Turkey Fix- Fix- Nod-
ESP159-11 Fix- Fix+ Fix-     
  1. *Fix + = pink cylindrical nodules colonized by bacteria able to fix nitrogen; Fix- = small, white and round nodules colonized by bacteria unable to fix nitrogen; Nod- = roots unable to form nodules.