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Table 5 Expression of candidate genes in the interval between the two Indel markers M3 and M5

From: Quantitative trait loci identification, fine mapping and gene expression profiling for ovicidal response to whitebacked planthopper (Sogatella furcifera Horvath) in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Gene ID cDNA/ homologous EST Probe Set ID Putative function Fold-change
CJ06(+/-)a TN1(+/-)b
LOC_Os06g09910 AK064613 Os.48661.1.S1_at Phosphopantothenoylcysteine decarboxylase -1.28 -1.04
LOC_Os06g09920 No No Expressed protein   
LOC_Os06g09930 AK111880 Os.39747.1.S1_at G protein coupled receptor -1.28 -1.19
LOC_Os06g09940 No OsAffx.27540.1.S1_at Expressed protein 1.50 1.15
LOC_Os06g09950 No OsAffx.15341.1.S1_at Expressed protein 1.16 1.14
LOC_Os06g09960 No OsAffx.27541.1.S1_at Expressed protein 2.28 1.04
LOC_Os06g09970 No OsAffx.4783.1.S1_at Expressed protein -2.48 2.02
LOC_Os06g09980 AK111302 Os.54864.2.S1_at Expressed protein 1.49 1.39
LOC_Os06g09990 No OsAffx.27542.1.S1_s_at Expressed protein -1.07 1.00
LOC_Os06g10000 AK108188 Os.55490.1.S1_at Expressed protein -2.34 1.05
LOC_Os06g10010 No No Expressed protein   
LOC_Os06g10020 AK109163 Os.56042.1.S1_at Expressed protein 1.02 1.22
LOC_Os06g10030 No No Expressed protein   
LOC_Os06g10040 No OsAffx.27544.1.A1_at Expressed protein 1.28 1.06
LOC_Os06g10050 No No Expressed protein   
LOC_Os06g10060 No OsAffx.23916.1.S1_at Expressed protein 1.37 1.06
LOC_Os06g10070 No OsAffx.4784.1.S1_at Expressed protein 1.30 1.03
LOC_Os06g10090 No No Expressed protein   
LOC_Os06g10100 AK106373 Os.54648.1.S1_at Expressed protein -1.14 1.17
LOC_Os06g10109 AK063905 Os.20998.1.S1_at Expressed protein -2.33 1.40
  1. aratio of transcripts in WBPH-infested CJ06 to those in uninfested CJ06; bratio of transcripts in WBHP-infested TN1 to those in uninfested TN1; Positive and negative numerals indicate the gene expression in the infested leaf sheaths was up-regulated or down-regulated, respectively.