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Table 2 Putative functions of genes included in the three orthologous groups shown in Figure 4

From: Sequencing of transcriptomes from two Miscanthus species reveals functional specificity in rhizomes, and clarifies evolutionary relationships

   M. sacchariflorus M. sinensis  
Groups DN # Leaf (AL) Rhizome (AR) Leaf (IL) Rhizome (IR) Putative functions
I DN551695 isotig00853 isotig08093 isotig00083 isotig03753 Polyubiquitin
  DN552466 isotig05764 isotig07409 isotig05877 isotig08182 Serine-threonine kinase receptor-associated protein
  DN552491 isotig03800 isotig03933 isotig09327 isotig06471 Heat shock protein 90
  DN552676 isotig01244 isotig07514 isotig10039 isotig01837 kh domain containing protein
  DN552708 isotig05041 isotig04880 isotig07298 isotig07578 Catalase
  DN552740 isotig04698 isotig00757 isotig03722 isotig02800 rna-binding protein
II DN551779 isotig00796 isotig01314 isotig01678 isotig04296 Amino acid expressed
  DN551936 isotig05246 isotig06286 isotig03192 isotig09807 Actin
  DN552433 isotig06434 isotig05172 isotig07270 isotig07933 at1g67350-like protein
  DN552562 isotig01135 isotig05901 isotig08694 isotig08499 Poly -binding protein
  DN552570 isotig06844 isotig02287 isotig05455 isotig11299 at5g02460-like protein
  DN552671 isotig06879 isotig05162 isotig09810 isotig07725 Plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 rna-binding protein
  DN552679 isotig02638 isotig06563 isotig01634 isotig00900 Acyl carrier protein 3
  DN552709 isotig03948 isotig03636 isotig02927 isotig02248 Ras-related protein rab11c
  DN552742 isotig06246 isotig03810 isotig02007 isotig05233 No hits found
  DN552766 isotig02679 isotig05804 isotig03934 isotig03115 Membrane protein
  DN552772 isotig02777 isotig06530 isotig04172 isotig09766 S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase
III DN551750 isotig02250 isotig03324 isotig02111 isotig04464 Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide-protein glycosyltransferase
  DN551751 isotig01665 isotig00318 isotig00973 isotig00230 40s ribosomal protein s14
  DN551768 isotig03736 isotig03218 isotig04157 isotig01466 No hits found
  DN551788 isotig05403 isotig05029 isotig05339 isotig04880 Reversibly glycosylated polypeptide
  DN551793 isotig00295 isotig00036 isotig00847 isotig00643 60s acidic ribosomal protein p1
  DN551798 isotig00508 isotig00357 isotig02756 isotig02156 nc domain-containing protein
  DN551841 isotig07246 isotig06497 isotig04474 isotig10222 Maize proteinase inhibitor
  DN551904 isotig03373 isotig04561 isotig01269 isotig04168 Ubiquitin-like protein smt3
  DN552392 isotig00059 isotig01841 isotig03321 isotig00727 No hits found
  DN552427 isotig07628 isotig07842 isotig01782 isotig09528 atp synthase gamma
  DN552437 isotig01515 isotig04375 isotig03437 isotig02624 Actin-depolymerizing factor 6
  DN552472 isotig01693 isotig01301 isotig00608 isotig00373 nac2 protein
  DN552626 isotig01047 isotig00215 isotig00478 isotig04878 60s ribosomal protein l26-1
  DN552650 isotig07218 isotig06635 isotig04233 isotig03259 40s ribosomal protein s15a
  1. Groups indicate the three topologies of phylogenetic trees described in the figure. DN numbers indicate the NCBI accession numbers of rhizome-enriched genes from S. halepense or S. propinquum. Putative functions were predicted based on the best blastx hits of rhizome-enriched genes from S. halepense or S. propinquum against the NCBI’s non-redundant protein database.