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Table 1 PtSPL gene names and gene model IDs in the Populus genome assembly v1.1, v2.2 and v3.0

From: Molecular characterization of the SPL gene family in Populus trichocarpa

Gene name Gene ID
V1.1 V2.2 V3.0
PtSPL1 GW1.X.791.1 POPTR_0010s16370 Potri.010G154000
PtSPL2 FGENESH4_PM.C_LG_II000008 POPTR_0002s00440 Potri.002G002400
PtSPL3 ESTEXT_FGENESH4_PM.C_LG_X0096 POPTR_0010s02710 Potri.010G026200
PtSPL4 ESTEXT_FGENESH4_PM.C_LG_VIII0830 POPTR_0008s20160 Potri.008G197000
PtSPL5 a GRAIL3.0010027501 b + GRAIL3.0010027301b + GRAIL3.0010027401b POPTR_0008s09810 Potri.008G098600
PtSPL6 a ESTEXT_GENEWISE1_V1.C_LG_XIV2145b + GW1.XIV.2149.1b POPTR_0014s10960 Potri.014G114300
PtSPL7 a GRAIL3.0050015101b + GW1.8978.5.1b + GW1.II.489.1b POPTR_0002s18970 Potri.002G188700
PtSPL8 FGENESH4_PG.C_LG_II001303 POPTR_0002s14330 Potri.002G142400
PtSPL9 a EUGENE3.00051637b + EUGENE3.00051638b POPTR_0005s28010 Potri.005G258700
PtSPL11 GRAIL3.0047015901b POPTR_0003s17120 Potri.003G172600b
PtSPL12 GRAIL3.0010026901 POPTR_0008s09750 Potri.008G097900
PtSPL13 FGENESH4_PG.C_LG_X001404 POPTR_0010s16400 Potri.010G154300
PtSPL14 ESTEXT_GENEWISE1_V1.C_LG_XV2187 POPTR_0015s11100 Potri.015G098900
PtSPL15 EUGENE3.00120942 POPTR_0012s10260 Potri.012G100700
PtSPL16 ESTEXT_GENEWISE1_V1.C_1240186 POPTR_0011s05480 Potri.011G055900
PtSPL17 a EUGENE3.00160416 POPTR_0016s04880b + POPTR_0016s04890b Potri.016G048500c
PtSPL18 GW1.I.7783.1b POPTR_0001s13630 Potri.001G058600
PtSPL19 GW1.I.7690.1b POPTR_0001s13890 Potri.001G055900
PtSPL20 GW1.107.39.1b POPTR_0001s40870 Potri.001G398200
PtSPL21 GW1.II.3778.1b POPTR_0002s14320 Potri.002G142200
PtSPL22 GW1.III.2396.1b POPTR_0003s16780 Potri.003G169400
PtSPL23 GW1.IV.3037.1b POPTR_0004s04630 Potri.004G046700
PtSPL24 GW1.VII.548.1b POPTR_0007s01030 Potri.007G138800
PtSPL25 GW1.XI.3794.1b POPTR_0011s11770 Potri.011G116800d
PtSPL26 GW1.40.81.1b POPTR_0014s05680 Potri.014G057700
PtSPL27 GW1.40.76.1b POPTR_0014s05690 Potri.014G057800
PtSPL28 GW1.129.152.1b POPTR_0015s07140 Potri.015G060400
PtSPL29 GW1.164.76.1b POPTR_0018s14680 Potri.018G149900
  1. aGenes are split into 2 or 3 gene models in v1.1 or v2.2;
  2. bGene models with partial sequence;
  3. cThe gene model includes 7 additional amino acids at the N-terminal compared with the model in v1.1.
  4. dThe gene model includes 49 additional amino acids at the N-terminal compared with the model in v2.2.