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Table 2 Accession numbers of tested genes in our study

From: The Theobroma cacao B3 domain transcription factor TcLEC2plays a duel role in control of embryo development and maturation

Gene Database Accession number Gene Database Accession number
AtLEC1 TAIR AT1G21970 TcFatB5 CocoaGenDB Tc03g015170
AtLEC2 TAIR AT1G28300 TcKASII CocoaGenDB Tc09g006480
AtABI3 TAIR AT3G24650 TcFAD2.1 CocoaGenDB Tc05g018800
AtFUS3 TAIR AT3G26790 TcFAD2.2 CocoaGenDB Tc05g018800
AtAGL15 TAIR AT5G13790 TcFAD3 CocoaGenDB Tc09g029750
AtWRI1 TAIR AT3G54320 TcFAD6 CocoaGenDB Tc09g029750
TcLEC1 CocoaGenDB Tc07g001180 TcFAD7/8 CocoaGenDB Tc05g002310
TcLEC1-like CocoaGenDB Tc06g020950 TcDGAT1.1 CocoaGenDB Tc09g007600
TcLEC2 CocoaGenDB Tc06g015590 TcDGAT1.2 CocoaGenDB Tc01g035170
TcABI3 CocoaGenDB Tc01g024700 TcDGAT2 CocoaGenDB Tc01g000140
TcFUS3 CocoaGenDB Tc04g004970 TcPDAT1 CocoaGenDB Tc09g029110
TcAGL15 CocoaGenDB Tc01g040120 TcTUB1 CocoaGenDB Tc06g000360
TcWRI1 CocoaGenDB Tc10g012790 TcACP1 CocoaGenDB Tc01g039970
TcOLE1 CocoaGenDB Tc04g001560 TcVicilin CocoaGenDB Tc04g024090
TcOLE2 CocoaGenDB Tc09g004410 TcBBM CocoaGenDB Tc05g019690
TcFAB2.2 CocoaGenDB Tc04g017510 TcPKL CocoaGenDB Tc09g001610
TcFAB2.7 CocoaGenDB Tc08g012550 TcWUS CocoaGenDB Tc01g001780
TcFatA CocoaGenDB Tc01g022130 TcYUC2 CocoaGenDB Tc09g009820
TcFatB1 CocoaGenDB Tc09g010360 TcYUC4 CocoaGenDB Tc09g013260
TcFatB2 CocoaGenDB Tc01g022130