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Table 1 Description of PCR-based markers used for the characterization of tritordeum lines

From: High-throughput genotyping of wheat-barley amphiploids utilising diversity array technology (DArT)

EST-markers (Nasuda et al. [24]) Chromosomal location
k01339 1HchS
k01437 1HchL
k04721 2HchS
k00579 2HchL
k02539 4HchS
k04725 4HchL
k01323 5HchS
k04947 5HchL
k01062 6HchS
k01193 6HchL
k04783 7HchS
k04058 7HchL
SSR-markers (Röder et al. [53]) Chromosomal location
Xgwm337 1D
Xgwm261 2D
Xgwm161 3D
Xgwm194 4D
Xgwm272 5D
Xgwm325 6D
Xgwm44 7D
  1. a) Barley EST-SSR markers previously assigned to H. chilense chromosomes, b) D-genome specific SSR markers.