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Table 1 Modified translational contexts for IMT gene driven by the phaseolin promoter

From: Perturbing the metabolic dynamics of myo-inositol in developing Brassica napus seeds through in vivo methylation impacts its utilization as phytate precursor and affects downstream metabolic pathways

Name of construct Line Sequence
pPhIMT1 (parent-transgenic IMT) Ph1-18 A-3A-2A-1 ATG A
pPhIMT2 Ph2-15 G-3C-2C-1 ATG A
pPhIMT3 Ph3-19 A-3C-2C-1 ATG A
  1. Sequence column shows DNA triplets 5' upstream from the translation initiation codon: line Ph1-18 (parent IMT) with dA nucleotides in positions -1 to -3; line Ph2-15 with dC nucleotides in positions -1 and -2 and dG nucleotide in position -3; line Ph3-19 with dC nucleotides in positions -1 and -2 and dA nucleotide in position -3.