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Table 3 Homologies based on nucleotide sequences for energy-related genes isolated from litchi cv. Huaizhi

From: Energy status of ripening and postharvest senescent fruit of litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.)

Gene GenBank number Top ArabidopsisBLAST match Top BLAST match excluding Arabidopsis Homology (%)
LcAtpB JQ349005 AJ271468.1 AtAtpB AJ235513.2 AtpB Koelreuteria paniculata 60a, 92b
LcAOX1 JQ349006 NM_113135.3 AtAOX1A EF523518.1 AOX1a Nicotiana glutinosa 69a, 71b
LcUCP1 JQ349009 NM_125287.4 AtUCP2 XM_002520396.1 UCP Ricinus communis 66a, 65b
LcAAC1 JQ349007 NM_121352.3 AtAAC2 XM_002531865.1 AAC Ricinus communis 71a, 75b
LcSnRK2 JQ349008 NM_001203118.1 AtSnRK2.2 XM_002513909.1 SAPK1 Ricinus communis 68a, 73b
  1. See legend for TableĀ 2 for names of genes.