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Table 2 Significant associations of bolting and survival rate with amplicon

From: EcoTILLING in Beta vulgaris reveals polymorphisms in the FLC-like gene BvFL1that are associated with annuality and winter hardiness

Trait Amplicon Fd) Pe) R2 f)
BRa) FL1_a 9.04** 6.47E-11 0.22
BR FL1_b 11.28** 2.65E-23 0.44
SRb) FL1_a 7.17** 1.44E-08 0.13
SR FL1_b 2.91** 7.72E-05 0.13
SR/BRc) FL1_a 6.54** 9.52E-08 0.11
SR/BR FL1_b 2.90** 1.14E-04 0.12
  1. a) BR = bolting rate, b) SR = survival rate c) SR with BR as cofactor, d) F value from the F test on marker, e) Bonferroni corrected p value, f) R2 is the fraction of the total variation explained by the amplicon.
  2. **(P < 0.001) indicates the amplicon is highly significantly associated with trait.