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Figure 9

From: Salinity tolerance, Na+ exclusion and allele mining of HKT1;5 in Oryza sativa and O. glaberrima: many sources, many genes, one mechanism?

Figure 9

Genetic separability of tolerance mechanisms. Further evidence that different lines may have different genes conferring tolerance. SES scores of an F2 population derived from the cross of the two tolerant genotypes FL478 × Hasawi were recorded after treatment with 150 mM NaCl (applied at 21 days after germination). The F2 population displayed transgressive segregation in both the sensitive (early timepoint, 14 days after salinisation, das; A) and tolerant (late timepoint, 34 days after salinisation; B) directions, compared with FL478 and Hasawi controls. IR29 (sensitive) is included for comparison.

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