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Figure 3

From: Salinity tolerance, Na+ exclusion and allele mining of HKT1;5 in Oryza sativa and O. glaberrima: many sources, many genes, one mechanism?

Figure 3

Salinity-induced injury is highly correlated with leaf Na+concentrations across the entire species. (A). The visual SES injury score was highly correlated with leaf Na+ concentration across all cultivar-groups of O. sativa, and in all tested accessions of O. glaberrima. The linear regression line is shown, together with ± SE intervals. However, no such relationship was seen with leaf K+ concentration (B) or root Na+ concentration (C). Likewise, there was no relationship between leaf Na+ and K+ concentrations (D ratio/FL478, mmol.gDW-1 data). Similar relationships were seen in both the youngest and second-youngest expanded leaf (at time of salinisation; L5 and L6 in these data, and the only leaves still photosynthetically active; leaf 6 data not shown). FL478 was used as the tolerant check.

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