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Table 2 Phobius transmembrane and signal sequence prediction for members of the Arabidopsis , Populus and Physcomitrella IRX10 family of proteins

From: Partial functional conservation of IRX10 homologs in physcomitrella patens and Arabidopsis thalianaindicates an evolutionary step contributing to vascular formation in land plants

Protein Amino acid Prediction Protein Amino acid Prediction
AtIRX10 1-21 Signal AtIRX10-L 1-19 Signal
  1-5 N-region   1-2 N-region
  6-16 H-region   3-13 H-region
  17-21 C-region   14-21 C-region
  22-412 Non-cytoplasmic   22-415 Non-cytoplasmic
PtGT47A-1 1-19 Signal PtGT47A-2 1-19 Signal
  1-2 N-region   1-2 N-region
  3-14 H-region   3-14 H-region
  15-19 C-region   15-19 C-region
  20-412 Non-cytoplasmic   20-413 Non-cytoplasmic
PtGT47D-1 and PtGT47D-4 1-5 Cytoplasmic PpGT47A 1-31 Cytoplasmic
  6-26 Transmembrane   32-51 Transmembrane
  27-417 Cytoplasmic   52-449 Non-cytoplasmic
  1. IRX10 related protein sequences from Arabidopsis, Populus and Physcomitrella were analysed using the Phobius programme ( for the presence of N-terminal signal sequences and the locations of the hydrophobic predicted transmembrane core (H-region) flanked by the N- and C- regions.