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Table 6 Linkage disequilibrium between markers of crtRB1 and lcyE within the 130 yellow maize inbred lines

From: Marker-trait association analysis of functional gene markers for provitamin A levels across diverse tropical yellow maize inbred lines

R2* lcyE 5′TE lcyE SNP (216) lcyE 3′indel crtRB1 5′TE crtRB1 indel4 crtRB1 3′TE
lcyE 5′TE   7.29E-11 7.68E-13 1.09E-03 3.11E-01 8.50E-03
lcyE SNP (216) 0.3810   3.92E-07 1.43E-05 5.66E-01 1.82E-04
lcyE 3′indel 0.3990 0.2050   1.53E-01 1.13E-01 1.01E-01
crtRB1 5′TE 0.1010 0.1880 0.0201   1.55E-01 7.88E-19
crtRB1 indel4 0.0115 0.0041 0.0208 0.0166   2.48E-01
crtRB1 3′TE 0.0658 0.1350 0.0262 0.7570 0.0144  
  1. *Upper triangle contains p-value and lower triangle contains R2.