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Figure 7

From: Interactions between ethylene and auxin are crucial to the control of grape (Vitis vinifera L.) berry ripening

Figure 7

Expression profiles of selected auxin and ethylene biosynthesis genes throughout Shiraz berry development. The development of field-grown Shiraz berries was documented by changes in (A) TSS, (B) berry weight and (C) anthocyanin (A520 nm) accumulation. (D) Between 3–16 wpf the expression of TAR1-TAR4, YUC1, ACS1 and ACO1 was analysed by qRT-PCR. “v” indicates veraison as determined by the last time point before a significant increase (ANOVA followed by Duncan’s post hoc test) in TSS levels was recorded. All data represent means ± SE (n = 3) and for the gene expression data LSD values were determined at the p < 0.05 significance level.

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