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Figure 7 | BMC Plant Biology

Figure 7

From: Expression of FcFT1, a FLOWERING LOCUS T-like gene, is regulated by light and associated with inflorescence differentiation in fig (Ficus caricaL.)

Figure 7

Diurnal expression pattern of mRNA of FcFT1 , the FT -like gene from Ficus carica L., in fig (‘Houraishi’ cultivar) under various photoperiods: 16-h light/8-h dark, LD (16L/8D); 8-h light and 16-h dark, SD (8L/16D); and continuous darkness, DD. Black boxes indicate darkness; white boxes indicate light. Leaf portions from the upper halves of mature leaves were used for the analyses. Leaves were collected from three independent clones and analyzed at different time points. Error bars show SE (n = 3). Error bars for DD (24D) are subsumed by the symbols.

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