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Figure 6

From: Expression of FcFT1, a FLOWERING LOCUS T-like gene, is regulated by light and associated with inflorescence differentiation in fig (Ficus caricaL.)

Figure 6

mRNA expression analyses of FcFT1 , the FT -like gene from Ficus carica L., in fig (‘Houraishi’ cultivar) over the 2011 season using real-time RT-PCR. Each point represents the average of values of the 5th node leaf positions derived from three biological replicates (22- to 24-year-old trees). During seasonal variations, expression levels rapidly increased in May, and continued increasing until August. They remained elevated for as long as 5 months (black arrow). Expression levels then decreased until October, when leaves yellowed. Error bars show SE (n = 3). Error bars for March and April are subsumed by the symbols.

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