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Figure 5 | BMC Plant Biology

Figure 5

From: Expression of FcFT1, a FLOWERING LOCUS T-like gene, is regulated by light and associated with inflorescence differentiation in fig (Ficus caricaL.)

Figure 5

Expression distribution of mRNA of FcFT1 , the FT -like gene from Ficus carica L., from each node leaf on fruit-bearing branches of fig (‘Houraishi’ cultivar). Node numbering is from the basal node. FcFT1 mRNA above a threshold level was observed in older nodes that bear fruit earlier (corresponding to the 1st through 6th nodes), while little or no expression was observed in younger nodes that bear fruit later (corresponding to 7th through 10th nodes). Error bars for 8th through 10th nodes are subsumed by the symbols.

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