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Figure 2

From: Expression of FcFT1, a FLOWERING LOCUS T-like gene, is regulated by light and associated with inflorescence differentiation in fig (Ficus caricaL.)

Figure 2

Similarities between the deduced protein sequence of the FT-like gene of Ficus carica , FcFT1 , and other FT homologs. Panel A, genomic structure of FcFT1. White bars indicate the hybridization positions of FcFT1 probes, and closed arrowheads show enzyme restriction sites (XbaI). Panel B, the phylogenetic tree of the FT family based on amino acid sequences. Accession numbers of sequences used are as follows: FcFT1 (AB457620) from Ficus carica; AtFT (FT) (AB027504), AtTSF (TSF) (NP_193770), AtTFL1 (TFL1) (NM_120465), AtBFT (BFT) (NP_201010), (AtCEN (ATC) (AB024715), AtMFT (MFT) (AEE29676) from Arabidopsis thaliana; BvFT1 (HM448910), BvFT2 (HM448912), BvCEN1 (HM448914) from Beta vulgaris, CiFT (AB027456), CiFT2 (AB301934), and CiFT3 (AB301935) from Citrus unshiu; InFT1 (ABW73562), InFT2 (ABW73563) from Ipomoea nil, MdFT1 (AB161112) and MdFT2 (FJ555224) from Malus × domestica; OsFTL1 (LOC_Os01g11940), OsFTL2 (LOC_Os06g06320), OsFTL3 (LOC_Os06g06300), OsFTL4 (LOC_Os09g33850), OsFTL5 (LOC_Os02g39064), OsFTL6 (LOC_Os04g41130), OsFTL9 (LOC_Os01g54490), OsFTL10 (LOC_Os05g44180), OsFTL11 (LOC_Os11g18870), OsFTL12 (LOC_Os06g35940), OsFTL13 (LOC_Os02g13830), OsMFT1 (LOC_Os06g30370), OsMFT2 (LOC_Os01g02120), OsRCN1 (LOC_Os11g05470), OsRCN2 (LOC_Os02g32950), OsRCN3 (LOC_Os12g05590), OsRCN4 (LOC_Os04g33570) from Oryza sativa; PnFT1 (BAD01612), PnFT2 (BAD01561), PnFT3 (BAD02371), PnFT4 (BAG12904), PnFTL1 (BAD27481), PnFTL3 (BAD22601), PnFTL4 (BAD22677), PnTFL1 (BAD22599) from Populus nigra; PtrFT1 (XP_002316173), PtrFT2 (XP_002334306), PtrFT3(XP_002311264), PtrFTL1 (XP_002321903), PtrFTL3 (XP_002312811), PtrFTL4 (ABC26020), PtrFTL9 (XP_002334492), PtrTFL1(XP_002328260) from Populus trichocarpa; and VvFT (ABF56526), VvFT1 (ABI99465), VvFT2 (ABL98120), VvMFT (ABI99469), VvMFT2 (XP_002281565), VvTFL1a (ABI99466), VvTFL1b (ABI99467), and VvTFL1c (ABI99468) from Vitis vinifera.

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