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Table 2 Differentially regulated transcripts that co-localize with QTLs for iron efficiency related traits (Benke et al. unpublished)

From: Ups and downs of a transcriptional landscape shape iron deficiency associated chlorosis of the maize inbreds B73 and Mo17

     QTL@300 μM5 QTL@10 μM6
Gene1 Position2 Function3 UniProtKB/TrEMBL4 Comp. 17 Comp. 2 Comp. 4 Comp. 1 Comp. 2 Comp. 4
GRMZM2G003304 1:218716368-218721179 Uncharacterized protein B7ZYZ9     SP5,SP6   
GRMZM2G043127 1:253796236-253799897 Uncharacterized protein B4FCR0     RW   
GRMZM2G027663 1:256566871-256573278 Uncharacterized protein C0PEH3 SP5 SP5   SP5,SP6,RW,SL SP5,SP6,RW,SL  
GRMZM2G118821 1:258353072-258355277 Uncharacterized protein B6U8Z3 SP5,SP6,SDW SP5,SP6,SDW   RW,SL RW,SL  
GRMZM2G423972 1:264155924-264160052 NA NA     SDW   SDW
GRMZM2G042133 1:265023533-265154204 NA NA     SDW SDW  
GRMZM2G127521 1:268343581-268346959 NA NA     SDW SDW  
GRMZM2G583462 1:269468231-269469313 Uncharacterized protein K7UIK7      SDW  
GRMZM2G049790 1:289274299-289275170 Putative uncharacterized protein B6TNU7 SL      
GRMZM2G054905 3:191124530-191185971 NA NA SP5 SP5     
GRMZM2G057140 3:191413501-191495940 NA NA SP5 SP5     
GRMZM2G127665 3:196137227-196147905 NA NA SP5      
GRMZM2G574782 4:18676198-18682894 Probable bifunctional methylthioribulose-1-phosphate dehydratase/enolase-phosphatase E1 B4G0F3 SP6   SP6    
GRMZM2G014902 4:32498151-32531144 Putative MYB DNA-binding domain superfamily protein K7U156     SP5,SP6,SDW   
GRMZM2G157443 4:37937136-37938763 60S acidic ribosomal protein P1 B4FUB4     SP5,SP6,SDW   
GRMZM2G112792 4:38235714-38238075 Uncharacterized protein K7U1M0     SP5,SP6,SDW   
GRMZM2G097395 4:44953328-44958944 Nodulin-like protein K7USY0 SP5      
GRMZM2G179294 5:180731982-180733210 High-affinity nitrate transport Q0VH26     RW   
GRMZM2G088469 7:17179983-17182140 Putative uncharacterized protein B6TKI8     SDW   
GRMZM2G140342 7:121316023-121319306 TMEM87A protein; uncharacterized protein B4F8U5 SP5      
GRMZM2G118119 7:121710274-121712960 Uncharacterized protein K7UXC8 SP5      
GRMZM2G477325 7:168401561-168403148 Hydrophobic protein LTI6, uncharacterized protein B4FFP9 SDW      
GRMZM2G039757 7:168744977-168747272 NA NA SDW      
GRMZM2G047139 8:24719638-24722490 Esterase; uncharacterized protein B6TZ91     RW   
GRMZM2G154278 8:26066129-26069719 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor cwc15 B6T6R6     RW   
GRMZM2G123143 8:40678211-40682507 Uncharacterized protein K7VC64     RW   
GRMZM2G061052 8:43287734-43288541 Putative HLH DNA-binding domain superfamily protein; uncharacterized protein B4FNT9     RW   
  1. 1Gene identifiers as retrieved from - reference annotation file ZmB73_5a.
  2. 2Physical positions as retrieved from - maize sequence ZmB73_RefGen_v2.
  3. 3Putative function (database information from
  4. 4UniProtKB/TrEMBL accession number.
  5. 5QTL for corresponding trait detected at 300 μM iron regime (Benke et al., unpublished).
  6. 6QTL for corresponding trait detected at 10 μM iron regime (Benke et al., unpublished).
  7. 7Corresponding two-way Comparison in which genes were identified as being significantly (FDR < 0.05) regulated.
  8. QTL abbreviations: SP5 = SPAD of the 5th leaf; SP6 = SPAD of the 6th leaf, RW = root weight; SDW = shoot dry weight; SL = shoot length.