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Figure 1

From: Global analysis of cis-natural antisense transcripts and their heat-responsive nat-siRNAs in Brassica rapa

Figure 1

Transcript models of host genes from which intronic miRNAs were derived . (A) Bra-MIR838 from the 11th intron of Bra033293. (B) Bra-MIR5712 from the 5th intron of Bra013582. (C) Bra-MIR5725 from the sole intron of Bra034911. Blue rectangles indicate the original coding sequence models without untranslated regions; red rectangles indicate Brassica rapa ssp. pekinensis cv. Bre seedling; orange rectangles indicate B. rapa ssp. chinensis cv. Wut seedling; green rectangles indicate cv. Bre inflorescence apex; pink rectangles indicate cv. Wut inflorescence apex.

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