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Table 2 Names and the molecular characterization of vernalization response alleles currently reported in polyploid wheat

From: Molecular characterization of vernalization and response genes in bread wheat from the Yellow and Huai Valley of China

Locus Allele NCBI No. Molecular characterization Reference
Vrn-A1 vrn-A1 AY747600 - [20]
  Vrn-A1a AY616458, AY616459 231-bp and 140-bp insertions at -439 bp and -348 bp, respectively. [9]
  Vrn-A1b AY616461 20-bp deletion at -157 bp [9]
  Vrn-A1c AY747599 5504-bp deletion at +1349 bp [20]
  Vrn-A1d AY616462 32-bp deletion at -214 bp [9]
  Vrn-A1e AY616463 54-bp deletion at -220 bp [9]
Vrn-B1 vrn-B1 AY747604 - [20]
  Vrn-B1a AY747603 6850-bp deletion at +836 bp [20]
  Vrn-B1b FJ766015 6850-bp deletion at +836 bp and 37-bp deletion at +7992 bp [22]
  Vrn-B1c HQ593668, HQ130482 817-bp deletion and 0.4-kb duplication at +798 bp [32]
Vrn-B3 vrn-B3 DQ890162 - [10]
  Vrn-B3a DQ890165 5300-bp insertion at -592 bp [10]
  Vrn-B3b JN627519 890-bp insertion at -429 bp In this paper
  Vrn-B3c JQ082311 5300-bp insertion at -592 bp but 20-bp and 4-bp deletions at -3543 bp and -3591 bp In this paper
Vrn-D1 vrn-D1 AY747606 - [20]
  Vrn-D1a AY747597 4235-bp deletion at +810 bp [20]